Balancing The MCR With Moment Lens And Filter

Discussion in 'Movi Technical' started by Pavel Houda, Jan 30, 2019.

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    And it seems FF has their gear on sale (as of 23APR19). 15% off accessories.
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    I've found I'm much happier shooting with the Movi without the Moment lenses at this point. The clip on Polar Pro NDs (Not cheap but amazing quality) work great with my iPhone XS and I don't need counterweights. It's a great run and gun solution and really fulfills the promise of run and gun shooting, especially with the new beta app and Filmic support. I still shoot with my moment lenses all the time but mostly photos or more locked down shots, either on a Tripod or handheld--which I'm getting pretty good at.
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    "This arrangement with the grip to the side is cute and different, but impractical."
    Huh. That handle is what sold me on the Movi vs. the various selfie-stick alternatives. It's much more like holding a "real" camera. All DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and bridge cameras (and many film cameras I've had in the past) have the right side molded as a handle.
    My admittedly minimal use of the Movi so far convinces me of that advantage. My iPhone Xs on the Movi feels like using a real camera.

    One alternative to the Hoody:
    You could add almost any accessory, mic, light, etc., even an extended handle to hold the Movi upside down.

    If an ND filter is an issue, why not use some ND filter film?
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