Awfully quiet since the last beta release...

Discussion in 'Movi Beta App' started by John Chu, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. John Chu

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    May 12, 2018
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    Any word on when to expect the next version of the Movi beta to try out?

    Would love to try out anamorphic preview/support.

    Where is everybody? :)
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  2. Kevin P Riley

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    Jun 21, 2018
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    I poste a support request yesterday, letting the know the current iOS beta would expire in a few days, this is the response I got.

    “Thank you for contacting Freefly Support! I do know that the development timeline was pushed back because of unforeseen staffing issues, but our app developers are working hard on the next feature set release!

    We'll make sure that the current beta release build is renewed this week, so that you don't have any lapse in use, and we'll get new features released as soon as they are ready.”
  3. Andrea Bolzoni

    Andrea Bolzoni New Member

    Jan 8, 2019
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    Hi. My Freefly Movi Cinema Robot and counterweight has just arrived. I’ve start today to practice with it and my iPhone XS. I like it. But I must be honest. It’s just like to have a Ferrari F1 with Ford Focus’s tires. And the problem everybody knows is the App. I’ve got a Moment Anamorphic lens ...but I can’t desqueeze in the Movi App...I like to change the Anamorphic lens position (just to use the Telephoto lens of the phone), but on the Movi App I can’t select the Tele lens...I like to set 1/24 for the shutter speed in low lights, but in Movi App you can’t change it, I must control or just know the ISO value, but in Movi App I just can bet it’s value...and I stop.
    So please, please, please Freefly, update seriously the Movi App or let us control the Cinema Robot from Filmic Pro. But not in 2020 or 2021. Now. I’ve spent my money now, suppose is my right to know how long does it takes to let us use all the potential of the Movi Cinema Robot. Hope that someone in Freefly can please read and answer. I’ve trust in Freefly. Not be able to use the Movi controls because I must switch to Filmic Pro, to get better controls and risults, it Makes me crazy.

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