Any gimbal ops planning to buy the RED JetPack for their Movi Pro kit?

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Graham Futerfas, Nov 27, 2016.

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    It seems like the Movi Pro is designed to work with the RED JetPack camera module, so I'm wondering what others are planning to keep in their kit. When working with RED on my Movi M15, I've mostly worked with the older DSMC Dragons, not the newer DSMC2 Weapons. I often don't know what set up the producers are going to rent or show up with on set until the last minute.

    My current M15 kit is fairly camera agnostic: I shoot with RED, Arri, Canon, and Sony, and have cables and power for everybody. Obviously the DSMC2 cameras have been out for a while and will only become more and more common.

    On the Movi Pro, the RED RCP cable and Power Cable appear to be cut-to-length for a Jet Pack, but may not work with other modules like the V-Lock I/O. Of course, I can have custom cables made with longer length, but it might be simpler to buy a JetPack. It seems like swapping modules is pretty quick on the RED, just 4 bolts.

    I don't believe my Freefly Carbon fiber v-mount side plate will work with Weapon, just original DSMC camera bodies.

    What's the standard camera module coming from the rental houses and owners with their Weapons? Is it worth spending $1200 to buy a JetPack? Is there a better option?
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    Hey Graham,

    I only use a Jetpack module on our Red Scarlet-W with both M10 & M15. This definitely helps with preventing cables from sticking out the back by aiming them all downwards. This seems to help with less "tilting" weight on the back of the body since all of the cables hang down and not outwards. It also allows Red to sit further back which helps with inertia.

    Depending on your monitors and wireless HD downlinks, Red has the HDMI Jetpack for $950. SDI Jetpack is $1200.
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