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Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Filip Rybar, Nov 9, 2016.

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    first of all, thank you for stirring things up again, it is certainly an exciting time to live in :)

    Maybe I missed something (and I tried to read up as much as possible), but the D-TAP connector meant to power the camera is rated at 6 Amps, however, the Alexa Mini set to record in 200 frames tripped a fuse on our splitter box every time it started recording. The fuse was a 5 Amp one and after making a new splitter box with beefier wiring and a 10 Amp fuse it no longer tripped it, that means the Mini must consume more than 5 Amps and less than 10 Amps in 200fps, will the Movi be able to provide enough current without internal damage even when shooting at 200fps?
    Also, the Red Weapon has recently killed several of our batteries that have 10Amp fuses in them, although the manual states it will draw 9 Amps at most. Still, this is 50% more than the 6 Amp rated D-TAP on the Movi.
    Since these are the cameras we would be using the most on the Movi, have there been any tests made ensuring that the D-TAP is safe to use with both of them?
    Wouldn't want to fry anything and not having to run a cable from the handlebars sure is tempting...
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    Haven't all the test footage and promo shots been done with Red Weapon and Arri Mini? Lots of behind the scenes photos show those cameras.

    A related question I've had: is it a self-resetting fuse on the Tilt Stage Unit D-Taps? Or one you have to replace? I've kind of assumed it's self-resetting.

    Until I get the Pro in my hands and can work with it, I'm not sure how the battery situation is going to shake out. I'm still open to the possibility that I may use my Freefly V-mount side plates for the Epic and Mini and power the camera off separate batteries. It depends on how well the batteries work on the Pro, how long they last, and if I can power my Tomahawk and wireless focus all at the same time. They're only 40wH, which doesn't sound like a lot for all that stuff.

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