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Discussion in 'ALTA' started by georgemcnabb, Nov 15, 2015.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have seen the drone dudes run a GoPro VR rig, curious as to how you are mounting the housing below the ALTA. Is this extension something you are buying online?

    Can someone point me in the direction to get this rigged up and underway?

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    the Alta is a very good machine for VR video, here are the links and tips for building such a rig .
    here are a few informations, i hope they can be useful for you.

    1) What you need :

    - H3PRO6N for 6 x Go Pro :
    - 7 go Pro ( you will have 6 on the mount, and one on the top of the ALTA over the battery, as centered as possible. Battery will act like a EMI shield for the Go Pro, if you have problems with compass, wrap up the Go pro in aluminum paper...
    - A extensible pole or fixed length pole, the longer the better ( 70 cm is a good length)
    - A Toad in the Hole quic release for the Pole
    - A carbon plate sandwich with dampers, avoid standard big dampers and go instead for flat ones ( silicone) with a sandwich plate diameter of 15 CM around with 6 dampers. Flat dampers (Industrial A1 type) will avoid to have too much deflection on the damping ( angle change between the end of the pole and the machine) and will provide very good vibration filtering.
    - A small FPV camera wit AV transmitter

    2) how to

    - The pole with the 360 go pro support must be long enough to reduce at the maximum the view of the booms / props. It's not always possible, except on small machines, to reach that result but the longer the pole is, the better the video will be.
    - It is possible, on a Movi M5, to fix the pole on the tile but you need a consequent counter weight for the balance in the cage , the longer the pole is, the longer the counter weight will need to be.. But if you manage to do such a mount, you need to remove the landing gears for better video, and you will need to take off from a fixed stand ( same with a fixed pole). If you use stabilisation, you can't use the top mounted go pro over the batteries ( as it will be very hard to sync the video not stabilised with the 6 other onces stabilized..)

    3) DIY ultra tuning on Alta : the way the Alta is made, it could be possible to modify it for ultimate VR application.. but that's another story and it would be needed to dismantle a Movi M5 (M10 would be better ) totally and bring some large modifications tot he ALTA frames to make THE ultimate " Alta VR" stabilisation system.

    4) Flying : for this application, the synapse is just perfect : just reduce a little the gains to avoid strong corrections ( will make the video processing harder), and setup the Synapse for flying slow speed, then fly in GPS mode. Fly gentle straight lines in GPS mode at constant height , and constant speed ( for this the Synapse / Alta will just do the job amazingly) .

    5) Tip : many people use the Go Pro Wifi for launching the recording. This is not a good thing. Keep wifi Off, start the recording manual for each camera one by one and use a small " clic" device right before taking of to allow an easier synchronisation, or use a powerful flash (works also ) to align synchronisations.

    Here is a small machine we modified for VR (A Hexadrone Frame with a few modifications) , it does the job pretty well, (non stabilized system for the VR rig). Pretty fun to fly and gives excellent results.
    I wish the Synapse would be available as a standalone controller to put in these ... :)

    best regards,



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