ALTA FW 4.04 Released

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    Hey Freeflyers,

    We have been busy adding new features to our ALTA flight control firmware. We are releasing Synapse firmware version 4.0.4 to the App Store and Google Play this week.

    Synapse firmware version 4.0.4 is compatible with both ALTA6 and ALTA8 and can be installed on your machine via the ALTA App. The main improvements are:

    • Removed Height and Range restrictions in position mode. Yes, now you will be able to fly as far or as high as you want and still benefit from the precise control afforded by using GPS position mode.

    • New feature Orbit Mode allows you to set a center point and perform repeatable orbits of user-defined radius to allow you to nail the shot.

    • New alternate control style in position mode, called Kinematic Mode, which makes the ALTA feel more like manual controls. When Kinematic mode is enabled, the ALTA will glide more freely and is ideal for long, sweeping flight maneuvers.

    • Increased allowable pack voltage to 26.1V (4.35 V/cell) to allow you to boot successfully when your packs are fully topped off.

    We’ve also included some behind the scenes upgrades to the safety and warning systems like using the motor orientation LEDs to signal flight critical warnings and low battery. We have found this methodology to be much more noticeable in case of emergency scenarios, and we hope it helps keep you safe and informed of the ALTA’s status during flight.

    We’ve gone through a rigorous test program and Beta period since we know you will put it through the paces and depend on it to work properly. Additional documentation and explanation can be found in the release notes on our Firmware Knowledge Base and in the ALTA 6 / ALTA 8 Flight Manuals on our site.

    let us know what you think!

    FB live video here:

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