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    1. GPS Button: What does the button on the GPS unit do?
    A: You use it for two things: (a) to reset the WiFi password and (b) to unbrick the the unit if an update goes horribly wrong :). See tutorial at See: HOW DO I RESET THE WIFI PASSWORD ON THE ALTA?

    2. Can the ALTA use High Voltage LiPo flight batteries?
    A: These are LiPo's that can be charged to 4.35v/cell (26.1v for 6S). As of 2015-08-29, the answer is that nobody has tried it yet. If you would like to be That Guy Who Is Brave Enough, please let me know.

    3. The FPV Camera is fouling on the foam in the ALTA case. What can I do?

    4. Installing an FPV camera (or needing to work on the underside of the ALTA)? (added 2015-09-07)
    Remove the top foam piece from the ALTA case and put it on your workbench. The handle on the ALTA fits into the slot and foam holds the ALTA horizontal and prevents damage to the motors and the props. (Actually, it's easier to put the foam on top of the ALTA while it's right side up, then flip it over carefully with the foam piece.)

    5. Where can I buy those tiny little cable ties that are used on the ALTA? (added 2015-09-07, thanks Gary)

    6. How do I access the ALTA/Synapse Flight Logs? (Added 2016-01-02)
    They're stored on a microSD card in the ALTA's GPS unit. Remove the small rubber cover on top (squeeze the sides to release the retaining tabs). Push the microSD card down and release and it will pop up. Make a note of the orientation of the microSD card for when you need to re-install it.) To copy the files from the microSD card you need to put the microSD card (possibly using a microSD to SD card adapter) into a SD card reader (search for sd card readers). The files are stored in folders by date (the date is based on the data from the GPS, so is in UTC/Greenwich Mean Time). The Synapse log files are stored as .csv files (comma separated values). The file size is usually so large that you cannot post them to the forum, so use Dropbox, iCloud or equivalent and post a link to the file on the forum. If you're experienced with Excel, that's another way of looking at the .csv files. There are column headers that describes what's in each column and a configuration summary right at the end of the log file (presuming no mishap caused truncation of the log file because of a sudden power loss induced by RUD -- see Note a).

    7. How do I analyze a Synapse Flight Log? (Added 2016-01-02)
    I've created a Synapse Log File Converter, sflc, that converts a Synapse .csv file into a .gpx and a .kml file that you can feed into the Mikrokopter MK_GPXTOOL log analyzer and its ilk and Google Earth. The app also creates a metrics summary of the file as a text file.

    8. How do I calibrate the ALTA compass? (Added 2016-01-09 updated 2016-01-10)
    Check out Jeff Scholl's video at:
    As you can see you can practice this indoors, but remember -- to get a good compass calibration you must calibrate outside far away from metal structures, rebar in concrete, railings, vehicles, etc. Just because the app. says the calibration is good does not mean that it's accurate! I's all too easy to "bake" in an error if you calibrate near metal structures, railings, or on concrete with rebar embedded in it.
    It does no harm to recalibrate the compass before the first flight of the day (as long as you don't bake in an error by doing a bad calibration), but typically, if you're flying out of the same location as you did for your previous flights, you don't really need to recalibrate.

    9. ALTA Compass Calibration Quick Reference Card (Added 2016-01-10)
    See the attached PDF below for an ALTA quick reference card to remind you of the calibration steps when you're out in the field.

    I will edit this thread as more answers become apparent and I can construct reasonable questions for which they are the answer. :)


    a. Rapid unplanned disassembly. A prang, center-punching Mother Earth, or sometimes known as a crash. :)
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    Can ALTA 6 take on 2x 6S 22000mah on board with Movi M5, 5D mark iii, and 24-70mm 2.8f lens?
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    Tim total up the weights and check the ALTA 6 flight manual for your altitude and temperature.

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