Alta 6, Full Kit, Connex, Monitor, Futaba, Landing Gear, 6 Batteries, Charger

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    Jul 17, 2014
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    I'm not putting it to use so it's time to free up the money for other things. It has just been to Freefly for a tuneup and is ready to head to a new owner.

    Selling a lightly used Freefly Alta. Prices below are the new prices.
    - Freefly Alta with case and original accessories
    - Landing Gear (wired so connex and movi can be powered from same lipo (would recommend M10/15 batteries only)
    - Futaba 14sg
    - Storm Case for controller/accessories
    - X2 Charger
    - 4 x Tattu 10000 25c
    - 2 x Tattu 10000 20c
    - Connex HD Downlink
    - SD FPV 1.3ghz with IBcrazy antennas and monitor
    - Wiring for Connex HD receiver and FPV is setup for movi batteries but can easily be changed.

    $6000 + Shipping Alta1.jpg Alta2.jpg Alta3.jpg

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