Almost new ( 1 cycle..) batteries 6S /10000 mAh Tattu

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    Jan 27, 2013
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    Good afternoon,

    a customer of us ( french research institute) had to go to USA with their Cinestar for a photogrammetry work. Due to the very difficult and expensive shipping ( IATA rules ) for batteries, we arranged delivery to their hotel for brand new Tattu 6S /10 000 mAh batteries from Gensace USA warehouse to my partner David Cook who is in California to solder the EC5 connectors and then shipped to their hotel via Fedex Ground.

    The batteries were used just once and are for sale, there are 8 of them, 650 USD for the 8 lipos including fedex ground shipping, or 420 for 4 of them including Fedex ground shipping. These are perfect match for Alta 6 or 8 or Cinestar ( or anything else using 6S high capacity..).

    Shall you have any interrest, please contact David at superdcook (at)

    Best regards and have nice flights :)


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