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Discussion in 'MōVI M15' started by michael duffy, Oct 17, 2015.

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    Stefan: The batteries will recover after you have flown and have removed the electrical load from them.
    How low you drain them is a matter of how risk averse you are. Or, as Client Eastwood (as Dirty Harry) put it so well, "D'ya feel lucky, punk, d'ya?" <grin>.

    It's all about the voltage per cell. Whatever you do, do NOT drain the battery below 3.0 volts per cell. Some folks like to land when the battery is, oh, 3.8 volts (x 6 that would be 22.8 v), or perhaps 3.4 volts (20.4), but you're really starting to push it if you let the battery get that low (per cell). All it will take is something unexpected, and you'll find that the battery voltage decays rapidly and the ALTA's dropping out of the sky.

    So land with some reserve.

    Hope this helps
  2. Stefan Helborg

    Oct 11, 2015
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    Yes I understand that. Just had difficulty understanding he could fly 15.5 kg for 11 minutes without draining the batteries completely...
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    Hey Noah,

    I have a pretty sweet arrangement for powering the camera, were we run a cable from the handle to the down to the tilt stage, that plugs directly into the camera, from there we break out power through a custom top plate, that includes the MōVi dovetail and four 2-pin limo connectors.

    We either run power into it from the LBUS on the camera, or if you use the LBUS connector for focus motors, then we run a power split into the top plate, and break out to the other accessories from there.


    This plate stays on the camera all the time, and when we take the camera out of the MōVi the 15mm rod adapter that is built in holds the view finder. We have also built an adapter that takes the top handle as well. I'll post a photo when it comes back from being anodised, this week. The best part of this is our plate weighs less than the combination of the MAP-1 and the MōVi dovetail, and it is stiffer!

    Sing out if we can hook you up with one.



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