Accessories Needed for Various Mounting Situations?

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Victor Frankl, Jul 13, 2018.

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    I'm curious about what accessories I'll need to purchase for various mounting situations. I purchased the MōVI Pro handheld bundle, so I have everything that comes with that. I also added the Toad on a Stick for C-Stand mounting.
    I also want to purchase the Walter Klassen MōVI to Mitchell Adapter Plate, but I'm not sure if it is compatible with the Pro. I assume it is as the Toad hasn't seemed to change.
    If I want to mount to a jib, a car, and or a dolly, what Freefly accessories should I purchase? Will the toad in the hole quick release and the ninja star do the trick?
    I'd love to know what people like using best for these types of mounting situations.
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    I like the Toad on a stick when the Movi's weight is sitting on top of it, instead of hanging below it. I don't think the baby pin connection is solid enough to hang 20+ lbs.

    I don't think you need the Walter Klassen Mitchell adapter. I regularly use a Toad in the Hole Male that's attached to a Ninja Star for rigging the Movi to:

    -Mitchell Mount, like on a Dolly, or often my Dana Dolly slider. I have a 3/8-16 Tie Down and a large washer that I got from Modern Studio Grip that I keep with it, since this makes it really fast, and the Ninja Star usually fits right into the groove of the Mitchell Mount.
    -Baby Pin, like when we've rigged it overhead on Menace Arms
    -Grid Clamp to male 3/8" thread, for mounting to speed rail.
    -a portable jib made by FlySpeed camera called the Fly Jib. It has a 3/8" male bolt on it and the Star screws right onto it.

    I also keep the Grid Clamp to 3/8" male and assorted Baby Pins to 3/8" male (6" long is useful) in my kit. Be careful, the grips often forget to give these back at the end of the day.

    Here are some photos:

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    If you are going to mount your MoVI Pro to anything that is subject to even small shock vibrations you need to get some kind of isolation amount. Rigidly mounting a MoVI Pro to something like a hostess tray on the side of the car is going to subject and the mechanism to stresses that can break something just by hitting a crack in the pavement.

    There are some recent photos of several different types of isolation mounts on the Vehicle Rigging and Freefly Facebook pages. If I was at home on my computer I could even post a couple of photos. It is pretty important to match the isolation amount to load it’s going to carry.
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