A Year in the Pit is in Full Swing

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    Been awhile since I posted but wanted to update on my documentary about music festival pit photographers.

    My rig is below. We started at French Quarter Fest in New Orleans for three days. Recorded seven interviews including a great interview with George Porter, Jr., our gracious host is New Orleans. Shot tons of supporting b-roll material including some intense “pit” shots of our target photographers. Hadn’t been to NOLA for 10 years. Must go back! Left a second Movi rig with one of my former students who will be capturing some of the classic shots of New Orleans for us. Great NOLA musician John “Papa” Gross asked us to share some footage of one of his three sets at FQF.

    Last weekend we had a complete change of music and attended the Aiken Bluegrass Festival in South Carolina. Met some great photographers including Bain Stewart.

    Also at Aiken, RODE sent us the new VideoMic X stereo camera mic to use on for our doc. Stunning quality! Here are a few field shots with Cris Jacobs and Billy Strings.

    I’ll update in a few more festivals.
    John Woody

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    Good to see this. I remember when you were posting about putting gear together for this project.

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