A promising start but fizzing out.

Discussion in 'Movi Technical' started by Rick Bronks, Mar 3, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2018
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    Almost 12 months ago I was excited to pre-order my MCR. Heck- I even featured it in a seminar I gave at a photo expo urging people to look at this over the other gimbals on the market at the moment.

    Now, I know the big advantage to the MCR over other gimbals that have their own cameras is that it has longevity - that any phone can work with it and could be somewhat future-proof, the quality of the output being dependent on the camera of course which can be upgraded when you upgrade your phone.

    However- once you look at the other products coming through now - there is a much less compelling reason to use the MCR over something else.

    The MCR is priced at a premium point. This doesn't appear to have hit the mass market and as others have said here, the chances are people buying this are people who know Freefly and their pedigree of creating innovative products.

    There has been a distinct lack of innovation in this product - no updates for months and still no ability to separate focus and exposure etc - surely a key feature that anyone buying this product would need. These professional features are what is needed NOW by the user base. This is why we invested in this - because we could have all bough a DJI Osmo for half the price with twice as many features and constant updates.

    I bought an Osmo Pocket over Xmas - and took it on a trip. It's quite a thing. Small when you need it to be, full manual control when you want it (yes- using the native app) and a decent battery life. the image quality is impressive and certainly on a level with my iPhoneX. I am aware that in the next gen of iPhones that I'll buy into probably this year the image quality may well be better in the phone than the Osmo Pocket but taking into account the size, price point, and overall user experience, I am heavily questioning my investment in my MCR.

    I want to love the MCR again - but we've not seen anything that's lead me to believe that things will change.

    I know FF are a small company and their focus has been on the other gimbals over the past few months but I think it's time for them to speak out about the future of the MCR.

    I don't want to see hipsters messing around in the desert with it - show me what we are going to get. Make the software work for people who want something other than 'auto' mode.

    Deep down we all know that in 12 months or less this will be a 'dead' product.
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  2. Pavel Houda

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    Jan 15, 2019
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    I hope not, I invested too much time and money into the MCR.
  3. Greg Killmaster

    Jul 17, 2018
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    I was really hoping to see object tracking by now. So many of the "lesser" units do this. :(

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