A couple of suggestions for a firmware update

Discussion in 'MōVI MR' started by Angus Benson-Blair, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    Hi Tabb and gang,

    I have just got my Movi MR nicely setup and whilst doing this a couple of things have come to mind that could improve the setup:

    1/ The ability to bind the satellite without having to bind it off the Movi (in a previous message you said this was possible but for the life of me I could not work this out and as mentioned elsewhere as well, the MR bit of the manual needs writing!).

    2/ The ability to run at least one RC channel for use of things like remote shutter. I am not sure how this one got overlooked as it was part of the Radian setup but not on the Movi- odd to have a retrograde step on such a machine but it is the only one, the rest clearly rocks. I notice that there is a spare port on the sensor on the tilt bar. Could this be modded to give an RX output from the satellite?

    3/ The ability to reset the movi should it futt out in the air. If I am correct, this only happens as a way to prevent the motor from being overloaded and so there should not be a need to reboot the whole system just a way to tell the system to re-enable the motors.

    I hope you see these as good constructive points and understand that I am not unhappy with the MR. Far from it, this thing is an amazing bit of kit. I just thought it worth letting you know some ideas otherwise how can we progress.

    Take care y'all as you say over the pond.


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