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    I've been searching around a bunch of the forums to see if I can find an old post with a detailed description of anyone getting 5D mk III run/stop working using the RC shutter switch


    connected to a canon N3 cable.

    On my setup I have the gimbal controlled by a MX-12 + GR-12 receiver. I have set the camera shutter to ch 6 in the radian utility and set switch 1 (set to ch 6 on the controller)

    I was trying to run it off of port 2 on the tilt radian, but I can't change the % settings for the switch in any way to keep it from firing the shutter uncontrollably as soon as it gets plugged in. I have also tried going through the GR-12 with the same results.

    My problem may be the switch itself, no matter what I do it is flashing red very quickly, which the datasheet says is caused by an error. No combination of anything seems to get it out of flashing error mode.

    Any input from someone who has made this work would be really appreciated

    Mike Reid

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