48 Hour Film: dark comedy 'Schoon Genoeg'

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    In August, me and 'my' team, finally participated in the 48 Hour Film Project in Rotterdam.
    Although we shot a lot locked down on a tripod, we did use the M5 in a few shots as well.
    We actually saved the best for last with one long moving shot.

    Besides that I suddenly saw I wanted a top shot from the ceiling. After 2 hours of combining all kinds of bits and pieces to C-stands and tripods we could hang a Cinevate slider with the MoVi looking down.
    We even made the MoVi move by pushing it with a boom pole :p


    Unfortunately we had no wireless HDMI. But in this case the cable was no problem: we extended the ultra thin from the part that only pans.


    And the short (most viewed of our edition, although we did not win).
    Curious what you think!

    Oh, it is about sexism and has some strong language.
    Subtitles are in the Closed Captions. We got English, German, Italian and Swedish subtitles.

    Feel free to share if you had to laugh ;)
    The only thing that was hard to translate was the title, since it means both 'clean enough' and 'being done/fed up with something'.

    Shot on FS5 and various lenses.
    Btw, I was the director and brought the MoVi and slider with me.
    Nominated for best music and best use of line.
    2nd Runner up in Group C.
    Premiered in Rotterdam in September.
    Screened in London in December.

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