3rd Wheel will not connect

Discussion in 'MōVI Wheels' started by Ben Ruffell, Aug 2, 2020.

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    We have a set of Movi Wheels, and have never been able to get the 3rd wheel to connect.

    Post lockdown, we are into testing and prepping again.

    We have put the latest Beta Firmwares onto all devices.

    The 3rd wheel never connects, we have tried different cables, and into the different plugs as well.

    We can get it to show a power light when we connect it via USB to update the firmware. But, that's it.

    My AC filed a Support Ticket with Freefly last week, and did not get a response.
    I followed up with a Support Email, and again, did not get a response.

    Has anyone managed to get the 3rd Wheel working?
    If so, are there any steps that you could suggest for us to undertake?

    Thanks in advance,


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