3rd axis motor question for a mid size brushless gimbal.

Discussion in '3 Axis Gimbal' started by EC_Jack, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    I am in the middle of testing out a larger brushless gimbal using a alex moss 8bit controller, to hold a mark3 5d and have a question I am tying to figure out. In a hand hold situation the unit works great with no issues at all and once I have it in the air it also works pretty well.

    Where I am having my issue is as I am getting up to the mid to upper speeds I believe the turbulence coming off the prop is causing the mount to loose its hold. I figure the reason this is happening is I'm just missing on the strength needed off the motor to make it stay.

    The yaw motor I have is a GBM5208/ 200T / 15.0ohms, and I have the power settings turned all the way up in the controller software, and I am using a 3s battery

    I am wondering two things, one is if I go to a 4s battery, what is the chance I will get enough strength to get it to work properly, and my other question is that I do not know too much about motors in general but is there another motor in the same 5208 range that would give me better power.

    I look forward in hearing from any on the topic.

    thanks Jack
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    I think you will find a 4s batt with power set around 200 will make a huge differense.

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