333 Waiver renewal?

Discussion in 'Flight Regulations' started by Bryan Harvey, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Bryan Harvey

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    Nov 3, 2012
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    My 333 waiver expires in September. There's vague talk on FAA site of possibly getting a renewal, but also contradictory talk along the lines of everyone will have to convert to 107.

    Anyone here have experience with getting a renewal for their 333?
  2. Wayne Mann

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    Aug 23, 2012
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    Hi Bryan,

    If you don't have your Part 107 yet, get it. It is so much more flexible than a 333. Since getting my Part 107 I have not operated under the 333 as the 333 is too restrictive. YMMV

  3. Shaun Stanton

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    Oct 27, 2012
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    Yes they will renew it if you have a compelling reason for it. I would say closed set is compelling reason for one as the FAA has only given to my knowledge one waiver for 107.39 "operations over human beings." That was given to CNN. I know of two companies who got theirs extended. They were the first couple to get them, Astreous and Aerial Mob. Most major motion picture houses will not accept a 107 guy right now. The safety managers do not want an untrained buffoon on set. It already happened in my area. A set PA decided to buy an Inspire and put it in a cliff wall. I just submitted a request a two weeks ago and its on the docket now. I found certain airspace in my area will be denied to a 107 guy but will be approved to a part 61 pilot.

    No one should flying A unit over talent right now on the 107 unless they have the 107.39 waiver. I have no idea how to get one. I put in a way more robust description of my operation on set than I had to do with the flimsy MPTOM.

    I stated my reason was airspace and the fact that the major studios don't 107 guys crashing on their sets. That was good enough for the other two companies which I referenced. I also decided to test waters a little which I am sure is going to be a fat no. I tried to get rid of the stupid 500 foot rule. My justification is that if some idiot with a 107 and two weeks of drone experience is safe for not having this provision than get rid of it for real pilots.

    I will pull congressional if mine gets denied, because they can't let one company have one and deny another if the reason is the same. Obviously if your op was doing oil pipeline inspections, I can see the FAA denying it.

    Having said that I would get your 107 as well. Its easy, especially if you are a pilot under the 333. All you have to do is a FAAST UAS safety course register for it on IACARA and have your log and ID verified by a CFI or FSDO. I do use my 107 when the gig is not over talent and crew and requires no airspace coordination. It is less of a hassle than the 333 in that case. No plan of activities required, no NOTAMS. Just pull it out and fly.

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