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    Hello guys!
    Nice to be here
    sorry for my english, i try to do my best.

    I am building a handheld gimbal for 3 months now, i spent hundred of hours to make it better and better, i already had great results you can see here:

    so that was 2 month ago, it worked, not perfect but worked.

    So i decided to make a BIG gimbal to hold Epic cameras too, and here comes the present.
    I already has big motor cages, ready assembled the gimbal, and tried 2 different motors: HiModel Z92-150T motor and DYS BGM8108-90 motors.For my smaller gimbal i had Iflight motors (5208 180t) for all axes.
    So i tried to change the PAN and ROLL motors to the bigger motors i mentioned.

    Well.. i cannot feel really mass difference, its like just a bit more, but not too many juice from this motors.
    Also the DYS motor (9 OHM) is going to really really hot after 5 minutes if i put the power over 200
    That is normal?
    If i try it under 200 than its same weak like the 5208 motors.
    My questions:
    So i am thinking to buy the IPOWER 80**serie, but it will be stronger?
    I really read a lot on forums, but please anyone write down is there a significant difference between the 5208 smaller motors and the 80** bigger motors torque with alexmos?

    What is the difference between IPOWER 8017-12T and 8028-90T?
    Also other people having this heat issue? with the ipower?
    Mine (DYS) is really hot, and i dont know that is normal for all type of BIG motors or just with this.
    I am using alexmos with extension board, 4S lipo.
    So what is the best motor for this task? with alexmos 4s lipo.
    Thank you

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