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Dec 7, 2020
    1. Gorka Rotaeche
      Gorka Rotaeche
      Hi Tabb.
      Akira is not working in my Movi.
      I´ve been in contact with support but they can´t help me.
      I think that is important that all users we have to enjoy the full potencial of your products.

      Gorka Rotaeche
    2. kjetil tønnesen
      kjetil tønnesen
      i have done a big mistake when i should update to akira firmware, with a mistake a took the movicontroller firmware into move m5 ,and when i turn it on is is just dead, how to reset the movi m5,so i can land the right firmware into it???
    3. Kevin Descheemaeker
      Kevin Descheemaeker
      Hi Tabb

      In the bts footage of the Freefly Systems showreel I saw you running with a light weight headset intercom system. Is it possible to inform on the brand and type of that system?

      At this moment we're using the heavy setup of CT-Dect intercom but we rather like a small setup like you're using.

      Thanks in advance

    4. Anthony J Francese
      Anthony J Francese
      Hello Tabb!! It's been like forever! Hoping you remember me from the early days on RR, "Art-Tistic"? If you have a few minutes to lend an old friend, I'd love to pick your brain. I have enjoyed watching your success in taking your love of a hobby and changing the film industry. Maybe you can share some back stories? Wishing you continued success!! -Ant
    5. Akekapong Homhirun
      Akekapong Homhirun
      Hi Tabb, Do you know.how to buy Jumpstart cable. If can not buy .please advise.how to make Jumpstart cable.
    6. jim mundell
      jim mundell
      Hi Tabb, I know your probably getting inundated with questions right now but I thought Id throw it out there anyway. Have you found any restrictions on how wide of a lens you can go with the Tero? Wondering at what lens would you start to see the car itself, wheels chassis, etc? Awaiting the release of the Tero but in the meantime buying some lenses and was trying to figure out what are some limits.
    7. Arturo Bernardi
      Arturo Bernardi
      Hi Tabb, there is a way to limit the tilt angle other than the Max tilt angle function? When i set it to 10 degree, and i tilt all way up, the movi go up at least 30 degree and then it goes back to 10 deg... The min tilt angle works fine, it stops exactly where i set it. Thanks very much! Best
    8. Augusto Alves da Silva
      Augusto Alves da Silva
      Hi Tabb. I would like to know what is the action of the output filter so I can try a few setups. I would need more a technical approach to understand what the filter is.
      Best regards
    9. Oliver Volkmann
      Oliver Volkmann
      Hi Tabb, got a moment to help me with the Software setup for the Radian? For some reason, cant get it to work.
    10. Francisco Escobar
      Francisco Escobar
      Hello Tabb,

      I am very new at this. I want to know if the operation of the lipo is right, are 6.0 mAh Turnigy 4cell and its duration is 4 minutes or 4.5 without a camera!. I worry about this because I had been told that these batteries would have flights to proximados of 5 min with a 5D. It´s normal for this time of flight with these batteries???
    11. john chiogna
      john chiogna

      I've been flying with a Wookong M flight control and am having problems with stability in the wind. Do know when the new Synapse will be released and whether its been tested under windy conditions? The radians I bought were excellent quality and I'm hoping the Synapse will be as well. Thanks, John from Vancouver BC
    12. Multi-prop-chop
      Hi Tabb, my hd sd convertor is giving
      Me problems. When I provide 5v to it, the led initially lights but then fades out. Any ideas what the problem could be?

      Best regards,

    13. Ruby Pak
      Ruby Pak
      Hello Tabb. My name is Ruby Pak. It's a pleasure to speak to you. I am contacting you on behalf of South Korean movie director Kwak Kyung Taek concerning his desire to use MoVI M10 in conjunction with his film “Friends 2.” I sent an email with detail message to Freefly's official email address, but I wanted to reach out to you personally to ensure that you read an email. Thank you very much for your time.
    14. Don Capili
      Don Capili
      Hi Tab, I would like to seek help with my 2 axis radians. I am using optima 9/aurora 9 transmitter. I am a one man show so I am my own camera guy. I wish to control my tilt axis using my sliders. I was wondering if you can help me with this. I think the aurora 9 is pwm FYI.
    15. Jei Swan
      Jei Swan
    16. Duane Bradley
      Duane Bradley
      Hey Tabb,

      I wanted to chat about some film stuff across the border in Vancouver. If you could drop me a line sometime, that would be great!!

    17. Niels Christian Moen
      Niels Christian Moen
      Hi Tabb. Brian Bills informed me that you have a smart solution for power distribution and ESC. We fly with Kestrel V3 in Norway. I am looking for an alternative to MK BL-Ctrl. Can you share details? Niels.
      1. Tabb Firchau
        Tabb Firchau
        Oct 9, 2012
      2. Niels Christian Moen
        Niels Christian Moen
        Thank you. Which ESC `s do you recommend to use for a heavy lift Okto with 14" propellers and a total weight of about 9 kg. Engines are not chosen yet. Possible 5S battery and low KV motors.
        Oct 9, 2012
    18. kjetil tønnesen
      kjetil tønnesen
      When will freefly come with their own fligth controller
      I hope you will :-
      Just a bit more plug and play then the mk
    19. Gary Haynes
      Gary Haynes

      Looks like you had a spam member join today. Must mean that the site is getting to popular. Check RADCANTEE.

    20. kimkonan
      Hello.Can't find new Freefly stabilization.Will purchase immediately.Can I get the expected pricing and dates, please tell me.Here is the Republic of Korea.Look forward to.
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