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  1. Alejandro vara
  2. WebTanitimTR
  3. Ross (has a drone)
  4. Donald puckett
    Donald puckett
    I have a freefly 6 I want to sell box and all 1000$ OBO call 2283662140 squirrel
  5. Robert Ruffo
    Robert Ruffo Ábel Horváth
    Awesome! If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay?
    1. Ábel Horváth
      Ábel Horváth
      Hi! 200usd if i remember well.
      Mar 8, 2023
  6. Phil compton
    Phil compton
    Anyone know teradek Brik very very well?
  7. Phil compton
    Phil compton
    I'm having a software failure problem with a bit kit that's about 10 years old ,it's teradek Brik, it's a vlock camera back h264 tx unit
  8. Laraki mehdi
    Laraki mehdi Maurice Zion
    Hi how are you Still Available movi control
  9. Tony Anderson
    Tony Anderson
    Anyone doing mapping with the Alta x and using something besides qground control? Trying to find something that does terrain following
  10. MarcBelizario
  11. Tymn Urban
    Tymn Urban
    Damaged MOVI Robot for sale. Fully operational, but one side of phone clamp is damaged. So phone will not be held without a creative fix.
  12. Tymn Urban
    Tymn Urban
    Need MOVI Robot parts. My phone clamp is damaged. Anybody have one for sale cheap? It doesn't need to work, I only need the parts.
  13. RoEs
  14. Divya lakshmi
    Divya lakshmi
    My movi pro is dutching towards left constantly if I keep it on for 5min. Any solution for this
  15. Mauricio Mena
    Mauricio Mena Nigel Hudson
    Hello Nigel, do you have the MoVi XL you said about?
    I might be interested, do you have pictures? Why are you selling it?

    Many thanks,
  16. Dale McCready
    Dale McCready
    an old dog, Movi Pro, wheels, mimic, etc
  17. David Powell
    David Powell
    New user... building transmitter questions
  18. Cuindney D Mantilla
    Cuindney D Mantilla
    I lost one the female screws of my MoVI I do I obtain one where I can buy one ?
  19. Rob Weidner
    Rob Weidner
    Aerial and Ground Cinematographer.
  20. Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson
    Whatever lies behind us or whatever lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.