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  1. Mauricio Mena
    Mauricio Mena Nigel Hudson
    Hello Nigel, do you have the MoVi XL you said about?
    I might be interested, do you have pictures? Why are you selling it?

    Many thanks,
  2. Dale McCready
    Dale McCready
    an old dog, Movi Pro, wheels, mimic, etc
  3. David Powell
    David Powell
    New user... building transmitter questions
  4. Cuindney D Mantilla
    Cuindney D Mantilla
    I lost one the female screws of my MoVI I do I obtain one where I can buy one ?
  5. Rob Weidner
    Rob Weidner
    Aerial and Ground Cinematographer.
  6. Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson
    Whatever lies behind us or whatever lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
  7. Basar Caner
    Basar Caner Alex Surgent
    Hi Alex,

    Regarding to your listing could you give me a quote for Redrock old and new generation motor?

    1. Alex Surgent
      Alex Surgent
      Hi Basar,

      Apologies, but the Redrock gear sold a few months back. I hope you have found something!

      Alex Surgent
      Jan 17, 2021
  8. JP Hung
    JP Hung
    Figuring out the Wave Camera
  9. Neil Cain
    Neil Cain
    Alta 8 // Movi Pro
  10. Rodrigo Reis
    Rodrigo Reis
    Camera Operator @ São Paulo, Brazil
  11. Brian Steenhoek
    Brian Steenhoek
    Freefly Movi question i have a note 10 plus one is it compatible and two will it work with moment lenses with counter weights?
  12. Shiva Kumar
    Shiva Kumar
    Hi.... Looking to buy used Movi XL, anybody selling ? Please drop the mail. +919845251511 Thank you
  13. Shiva Kumar
    Shiva Kumar
    Hi.... Looking to buy used Movi XL.. anybody selling ?
  14. Aron Walker
    Aron Walker Benjamin Granet
    hi Benjamin
    I saw you may want to sell a movi pro kit, I am looking for one at the moment,
    I am in Australia would you ship here and what are you asking for the kit and can you send me a description
  15. Ben Korbel
    Ben Korbel
    n o s u n u m s u m u s
  16. Henry Symons Jones
    Henry Symons Jones Jason Toth
    Hey Jason, sorry to hear about all ur troubles with the Alta Pro, but hope you got them all sorted now? Interested to hear your thoughts on the Herelink - did you use it to operate the Alta or just use the GroundControl software? Wanted to try one out on the Alta X, according to Freefly it won't, but it seems to have all the right connections to work and I can't see how it wouldn't. Thanks
  17. Ara Dramm
    Ara Dramm
    Anyone have M5 motors that have that burnt electric smell?
  18. steve green
    steve green Daniel Paschal
    Would you sell the movi controller and it's parts separately? If so send me a text, Steve 805-907-0001
  19. GRolandR
    Hi, All. Any success balancing iPhone 11 Pro Max+Movi+Anamorphic lens+Variable ND w/XL CW?
  20. Brandon Obey
    Brandon Obey
    Arri all day