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  1. Ara Dramm
    Ara Dramm
    Anyone have M5 motors that have that burnt electric smell?
  2. steve green
    steve green Daniel Paschal
    Would you sell the movi controller and it's parts separately? If so send me a text, Steve 805-907-0001
  3. GRolandR
    Hi, All. Any success balancing iPhone 11 Pro Max+Movi+Anamorphic lens+Variable ND w/XL CW?
  4. Brandon Obey
    Brandon Obey
    Arri all day
  5. Alexander Falk
    Alexander Falk Larry McConkey
    Hi Larry,
    This is Alex with the Movi Controller for sale. I'm happy to ship to you in NY :) I could ship out tomorrow if you like since I have the day off. Would you prefer to move the conversation to email? I'm at or (773) 474-9685 if you'd rather chat/message.

  6. WebTanitimTR
    WebTanitimTR - Parmak Sprey ve losyon pompa tipindeki ambalajları satın al veya görüntüle. Parmak Sprey modelleri ve çeşitleri.
  7. Jason Connor
    Jason Connor
    Account approved!
  8. WebTanitimTR
  9. Mbop
    Recommendations on shooting mode for Filing indoor track meet
  10. Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Chris Harrison
    Quick question, do you know if there are supply chain delays for the movi cinema robot, ordered one from B&H who I have used for 20 years, but they have been back ordered since December 18th...could be just Christmas supply chain crunch? I know you are "tech support", but I figured you may have the channel to the right source for an answer, thanks!
    1. Chris Harrison
      Chris Harrison
      If you need info on an order you placed with B&H, you will need to contact them directly. We cannot provide proprietary information about order placed by B&H. It would be impossible to know if any order they have placed with us, contains an order you placed with them. If you have placed an order with us, we would be happy to help further, though we ask that you please email us at
      Jan 7, 2020
    2. Chris Harrison
      Chris Harrison
      Sorry if my previous response seemed blunt/short. The forum only allows 420 characters per response.
      Jan 7, 2020
  11. Katya Nelhams-Wright
    Katya Nelhams-Wright Ryan Sheets
    Hi Ryan. Is your MOVI XL still for sale?
  12. WebTanitimTR
    WebTanitimTR - İngilizce Kursu amaç, hedef, beklenti ve ihtiyaçlarınızı göz önünde bulundurarak, eğitim planlama
  13. Becca Ulmo
    Becca Ulmo Jake Howard
    Hey is your AGR still available??
  14. Boris
    Boris Regis Harrington
    Hey Regis. Hope you doing well. Have one question for you, how you fix your trouble with boot on xl? You know solutions?
  15. Azzie Scott
    Azzie Scott Graham Futerfas
    Hey Graham I'm locked out of my FIZ menu can you offer some assistance
  16. Ari Golan
    Ari Golan Jason Toth
    Hi Jason,
    Did you ever get a response/resolution to your EMI issues? We have the same problem with our MoVI Pro suddenly going limp in various locations... one in particular is near a cell tower next to our facility...
  17. Drew
    Can’t get movi 15 to connect to new iPhone 11 max.
  18. Alexander Falk
    Alexander Falk Mauricio Mena
    Hi Maricio, I could ship inside the USA yes. This is configured for V-Lock as are all Movi Controllers unless they've been modified. :) I'm away on a job now but could ship on Oct. 30 when I get back. Would that be acceptable to you?

    1. Mauricio Mena
      Mauricio Mena
      Alexander sorry for the late reply.
      I'm very interested on your controller, if you still have it and there's no chance to ship it before let me know. I'm trying to figure it out how to make me of it because i'm outside USA. Thanks again
      Sep 26, 2019
  19. WebTanitimTR
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  20. WebTanitimTR