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  1. WebTanitimTR
    WebTanitimTR - Film tutkusunu en üst düzeyde yaşatan film izle, adlı web site başarılı bir şekilde ilerlemekte.
  2. WebTanitimTR
    WebTanitimTR - Günümüzde birçok site, film izleme sektörü adı altında yayınlarına başlamaktadır.
  3. beaumont arthur
    beaumont arthur
    What are the right earnings settings ect ... For cinestar 8?
  4. beaumont arthur
    beaumont arthur
    J'ai un drone cinestar 8 avec un dji a2 mais je ne sais pas le regler
  5. Alex Sandman
    Alex Sandman PJ Mozingo
    Hey did you try to send me a message? If so I didn’t get it for some reason. Email me at Thx!
  6. Johannes Förster
  7. Richard Snow
    Richard Snow
    Amateur based in London
  8. Richard Snow
    Richard Snow
    I love my freefly Movi !
  9. Brian Wennersten
    Brian Wennersten Chris Ross Leong
    When you shot with the D810 how did you trigger start/stop? I have the Alta and Movi Pro and youse their lanc cable from time to time but I haven't discovered a straight forward way to trigger a nikon. I appreciate any feedback you can give.
  10. Brian Wennersten
    Brian Wennersten SeBaStIaN BArrEtT
    Hi. I see that in the past you shot with a D810 on your CS. Would you care to share how you triggered start/stop with the Nikon? I'm interested in putting the new Z6 in the air and haven't come up with a good solution.
  11. John Lyons
    John Lyons
    Lost video footage
  12. Jennifer tan
    Jennifer tan
    Flying and Filming. At Disney Woooooorld!!!
  13. Nick Simmons
    Nick Simmons
    If I got a buyer without the case would you do $550?
  14. Nick Simmons
    Nick Simmons
    Hey Dan, If I get a buyer that'll agree to the sale without a case than absolutely!
  15. dan freshman
    dan freshman Nick Simmons
    Hello. Kinda a long shot but is there any chance you would think about selling just the Jason case?

  16. Brian Liepe
    Brian Liepe
    Currently Building Out MPRO Package
  17. Colton Pasma
    Colton Pasma
    I got an error called Recover I2C1! does anyone know what this is?
  18. James Peterson
    James Peterson
    Setting up my ALTA 8
  19. Augusto Alves da Silva
  20. robotmak
    robotmak Rorick Edge
    did you ever get a mount for gopro from steve? do you have the design to share?
    1. Rorick Edge
      Rorick Edge
      I'm using the Sony RX0, which doesn't require this mount. As I understand it, he's now responded to you. I think that you'll find that he's very helpful.
      Nov 1, 2018