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  1. Neil Willis
  2. Neil Willis
    Neil Willis
    Opps. must not hit return..... my message is too big.
  3. Neil Willis
  4. Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan Neil Willis
    Hey Neil, If you haven't solved the vibration issue yet on the M600 i have the solution - I've been flying the movi under mine for a while.
    Also, have you had issues with loosing signal or video transmission from the movi? That happens to me a lot and wondered what your solution was, it's a frequency thing i'm sure.
  5. Andy Post
    Andy Post John Fredericks
    Is your Alta 8 still on the market?
  6. Rick Bronks
    Rick Bronks
    Weighted and Hooded.
  7. Laren Elliott
    Laren Elliott
    Canyon Run Videos
  8. kkopter
    kkopter Robert McDonald
    Hello there, still selling the Alta ?
  9. Pascal Anquetil
    Pascal Anquetil Rick Gerard
    Hi, have you solve your vibrations ?
  10. Joost Schlatmann
    Joost Schlatmann John Woody
    Hi John, just wondering. Got my Movi Robot yesterday. iPhone 8+.. latest IOS 11.4

    i was prompted a Hot Fix v1.1. goes in some sort of Loop. It upgrades the firmware (6/6) then it asks to either Reboot or Revert.
    Once rebooted It then tells the Firmware update failed. Red light keeps blinking...
    Have raised service ticket with Freefly hoping they will get back.
  11. kkopter
    kkopter adam abikasis
    Hi. Are you still selling Alta 6?
  12. jim mundell
    jim mundell Graham Futerfas
    Hi Graham, hope all is well.
    Im shooting off of a vehicle this weekend on a black arm. Movi Pro is balanced perfectly, stays perfect on each axis.
    I am noticing vibrations when I tilt at 45 degrees or more. Backed off on stiffness values which helped but would like to run a bit higher due to on vehicle. Looking forward or anywhere up to 45 degrees and its great.

    Any thoughts?
  13. CBC679
    Having issues with Pan timing in majestic mode. Movi Pro. C3002 w Canon Primes. Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Andrew Nimelman
    Andrew Nimelman Andy Johnson-Laird
    Andy - You’re based in PDX; me too. Just got the Movi CR. Would you or someone you know would be open to providing, say, 2 hours informal demo/lesson in the device? Of course, I’ll pay for this person’s time. I’m fairly tech savvy, but a videography newbie. My family are heading off to a big trip to Europe in 3 weeks, and I’d like to accelerate the learning curve. Let me know if there’s any interest in this.
  15. Frank Algermissen
    Frank Algermissen John Woody
    ...But when (nearly) everyone is focus on that product it also means that the chance to get API or hardware support is much higher than with a niche product.

    So what's your opinion?

    Cheers from Hamburg/Germany,

    1. John Woody
      John Woody
      iFranky...iJohnny here The app as any app needs further refinement, After shooting for four straight hours in WV.. I really could have used some audio meters build in. Also, the selection of. I like the white balance manual setting which is helpful. Let's say... it has room to grow for sure.
      iJohnny Woody
      May 19, 2018
  16. Frank Algermissen
    Frank Algermissen John Woody
    Dear John,

    specialized in shooting videos with iPhones I see you're using Mavis instead of FiLMiC Pro. Can you tell me the advantages, please? I always thought FiLMiC Pro is the leading standard. That doesn't mean Mavis isn't good enough....
    1. John Woody
      John Woody
      I used Filmic Pro for a year or so until one of my friends at Apple turned me on to Mavis. First, I'm a control freak after years of using pro cameras. Mavis on-screen controls including false color, zebras, etc. is really well integrated. The 100 Mbit recording in 4K is
      May 19, 2018
    2. John Woody
      John Woody
      outstanding. I can go full screen when needed which is handy. The audio inputs allow for polar pattern choices, etc. It's all so cheap! I love it iFrank!
      May 19, 2018
  17. james smith
    james smith
  18. LeoBund
    LeoBund Phil Sobolev
    hi Phil is the connex still for sale, if so please email me Thanks.
  19. Pascal Anquetil
    Pascal Anquetil Dave Young
    Hello, is your wedge available for sale ? Thank you
  20. John Woody
    John Woody Deniz Ozgoren
    sorry... start at the bottom...message