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  1. Frank Algermissen
    Frank Algermissen John Woody
    ...But when (nearly) everyone is focus on that product it also means that the chance to get API or hardware support is much higher than with a niche product.

    So what's your opinion?

    Cheers from Hamburg/Germany,

    1. John Woody
      John Woody
      iFranky...iJohnny here The app as any app needs further refinement, After shooting for four straight hours in WV.. I really could have used some audio meters build in. Also, the selection of. I like the white balance manual setting which is helpful. Let's say... it has room to grow for sure.
      iJohnny Woody
      May 19, 2018 at 5:49 AM
  2. Frank Algermissen
    Frank Algermissen John Woody
    Dear John,

    specialized in shooting videos with iPhones I see you're using Mavis instead of FiLMiC Pro. Can you tell me the advantages, please? I always thought FiLMiC Pro is the leading standard. That doesn't mean Mavis isn't good enough....
    1. John Woody
      John Woody
      I used Filmic Pro for a year or so until one of my friends at Apple turned me on to Mavis. First, I'm a control freak after years of using pro cameras. Mavis on-screen controls including false color, zebras, etc. is really well integrated. The 100 Mbit recording in 4K is
      May 19, 2018 at 5:55 AM
    2. John Woody
      John Woody
      outstanding. I can go full screen when needed which is handy. The audio inputs allow for polar pattern choices, etc. It's all so cheap! I love it iFrank!
      May 19, 2018 at 5:55 AM
  3. james smith
    james smith
  4. LeoBund
    LeoBund Phil Sobolev
    hi Phil is the connex still for sale, if so please email me Thanks.
  5. Pascal Anquetil
    Pascal Anquetil Dave Young
    Hello, is your wedge available for sale ? Thank you
  6. John Woody
    John Woody Deniz Ozgoren
    sorry... start at the bottom...message
  7. John Woody
    John Woody Deniz Ozgoren
    each shot. The button acts like a rocker (up-down) rather than just a push button (depress to start depress to stop). I'm sure you all have heard of this... but busted wanted to help with my feedback.
    John Woody
    Retired Professor
  8. John Woody
    John Woody Deniz Ozgoren
    is that to activate this button you really need to push in and then move upward to get it started. The problem is that because the finger rest across the length of the button, the finger slips upward with activating. This process usually creates enough motion with the Movi to be seen in the initial frames of
  9. John Woody
    John Woody Deniz Ozgoren
    Hi Deniz... John Woody here.
    Thought I would reach out via a message with some feedback. Cindy sent me a replacement Movi unit because I was having issues with the start-stop record button. Well... it seems better but still having some issues. Just wanted to give my field impressions of it after at least 30 hours of use. The problem
  10. Frank Algermissen
    Frank Algermissen John Woody
    Hi John,

    maybe I missunderstood your post delete how the import user settings: FF does not allow that? Or did you simply had problems? Will it work? What are these settings doing exactly? Still didn't understand the reason why I should do that.


    1. John Woody
      John Woody
      So... after I posted that it cab be done based on what Brian wrote back to me... another support person kind of said no to me... so i deleted it. Privately: It's not that hard.. just save the file (Save Button) then share it via email. Once installed on another phone that has the Movi app... the app sees it and reads it and resets the settings base on the file... at least that's my understanding.
      May 3, 2018
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  11. Arun Ramachandran
    Arun Ramachandran Charlie Beyer
    Hey Charlie.
    I read in one for the blogs that you own both the Walter klessen and alpha control wheels for the MoVi pro. I myself am looking to invest in wheels , but I'm an operator from India. So I can't test them for my self. Could you please share a comparisons of both the wheels? It would really help.
  12. Maroot Nanakul
    Maroot Nanakul
    Hi All. Maroot here from Redmond, Washington. Waiting to get my first smartphone handheld gimbal. The Movi Robot is on my short list.
  13. John Davis 2018
  14. John Woods
    John Woods
    Hello! Anxiously awaiting my MOVI!!
  15. Kyle Cooney
    Kyle Cooney
    Currently searching for Alta 6 / 8 package. If you have one for sale, PM me or get a hold of me on social media please!
  16. Mark Woods
    Mark Woods
    Always in Motion
  17. Katya Nelhams-Wright
    Katya Nelhams-Wright Roy Mills
    Hi Roy
    I'd like to buy your Eartec 2 way comms if they are still available. Are you based in the UK? We are in London. My email is

  18. Sam Fleishman
    Sam Fleishman Dee Hinesley
    Hi, are you interested in the ALTA?
    1. Dee Hinesley
      Dee Hinesley
      Yes Please. I see what you physically have but would like to know more. Another method of contact?
      Mar 4, 2018
  19. Martin Angulo
  20. Caleb Childers
    Caleb Childers
    Balancing m15 over and over and get the gist.