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  1. Giles Harvey
    Giles Harvey
    I shoot with my other hand
  2. Lind Har
  3. Ashok Venkataraman
    Ashok Venkataraman Andy Johnson-Laird
    not able to control red epic camera Settings(recording,exposure,shutter,iso etc) after connecting Red RCP cable, enable redlink command protocol in communication.
  4. Laurent Poulain
    Laurent Poulain
    Laurent Poulain
  5. Tina Jon
  6. SeBaStIaN BArrEtT
    SeBaStIaN BArrEtT Kevin Winkler
    hey, saw in the recent postings that your looking at an m10. Im gonna sell ours, its never been used, I got it as part of a ALTA 8 promotion Freefly did a while back. thinking round $2500+shipping would be a good price to get it gone. Accessories included, not a single scratch, new. for $2650+shipping and ill put it in a new pelican 1630 case before shipping out!
  7. Jani_Nikander
    We are BongoBongo!
  8. Alejandro Darias
    Alejandro Darias
    Dinamica Films. Canary Islands. Spain
  9. Alejandro Darias
    Alejandro Darias
    Dinámica Films
  10. Benjamin Granet
    Benjamin Granet Alexander Sommer
    Did you solved your problem you had with the Mimic connecting to the Movi Pro
  11. Brandon Obey
    Brandon Obey
    Movi Pro to Artemis Trinity
  12. Joshua Milligan
    Joshua Milligan Wolf Schiebel
    Hi Wolf, is there any chance you could still make a thumb controller for my Movi?
  13. Thomas Schweighofer
    Thomas Schweighofer
  14. Aaron Bird
    Aaron Bird Brandon Obey
    Hey Brandon, I noticed your post about RED DSMC2 cables and I had a question for you. I've been looking everywhere to find the correct cable to purchase to work my Red Epic-W with the older 5.0 LCD monitor on my Movi-Pro. I want to make sure I buy the right cable and I'm not sure if the freefly 4.7 cable works. Even the tech support aren't willing to verify if it works. Any clues what cable might work?

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    2. Brandon Obey
      Brandon Obey
      I use the Wooden Camera Pogo to Pogo because I have the 4.7 inch Monitor. Another Movi Tech I know uses the Movi cable on the 5.0 LCD
      Oct 18, 2017
  15. Bryan Vong
    Bryan Vong = IG
  16. Xovient
    Xovient is one of the best well known software development company in Mumbai. We are also in digital marketing.
  17. James Layton ACO
    James Layton ACO
    A Discovery of Witches
  18. Bahadir Arliel
    Bahadir Arliel
    Hello, I was wondering if there are any workshops to apply for better learning about how to operate Alta and Tero? Thanks
    1. SeBaStIaN BArrEtT
      SeBaStIaN BArrEtT
      Where are you located? We plan on starting workshops at our new location in Atlanta in about 2-3 months. We will be also posting them to the web.
      Oct 4, 2017
  19. Dane Maxwell
    Dane Maxwell
    Here for a good time, not a long time,
  20. Keith Ferreira
    Keith Ferreira
    IG: @Steadishot