Updating Graupner GR-24 firmware -- anyone successfully done it recently?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Andy Johnson-Laird, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Has anyone recently successfully updated the Graupner GR-24 firmware, please?

    My setup and procedure is this:

    1. Windows 7 with the "USB Treiber" installed. I see the Graupner USB Adapter on COM 14.

    2. I have the GR-24 powered from a 5v Bench supply. The receiver is connected via the Graupner USB adapter with the cable going to the T connector. I've checked the polarity.

    3. From my earlier notes (or received wisdom from the Internet), I hold the GR-24 button down, then power up the receiver.

    4. With the most recent version of the Graupner HoTT V4 PC software (downloaded today from Graupner.de), I am using the Graupner Firmware Studios (version 2.8) the only menu item that appears to for upgrading the receiver is the "Micro Receiver Upgrade" -- see the screen shot below -- however, when I click on that I immediately get an error that suggests that Graupner has failed to provide a file.

    Graupner Receiver Upgrade Error.png

    EDIT: Oh...forgot to mention. I also tried the HoTT Device in the hope that Device means Receiver. It doesn't appear to! :(

    To further compound the problem:

    1. The documentation that comes with the download from the Graupner site shows a earlier version of the Graupner Studio software (version 1.3) that does have a separate item under Devices for "HoTT Receiver."

    Graupner Studio v1.3.png

    That "HoTT Receiver" device is missing for the current version of the Graupner Studio. This document has the catchy title of "33508_33512_33516_Manual_DE_GB_FR_IT_ES_NL.zip" -- you have to remember that a GR-24 is really a 33512. This document is on the Graupner GR-24 product Downloads page.

    2. The Graupner instruction video on Youtube linked to from the Graupner product page for the GR-24 shows a video with a completely different chunk of software, the "Graupner Firmware Update Utility" -- software which appears to be no longer available:

    Graupner Firmware Update Utility.png

    3. The other YouTube videos that I found show using completely different software back from 2011 that is apparently no longer available.

    4. There is apparently a method of updating a receiver via the MK FC board, but I was just curious to see how easy it was to do it with Graupner software. (The short answer is that Graupner's software/firmware seems to be in total and utter disarray....it's enough to make me want to write A Rather Good Guide about this! :) )

    So, back to my question: has anyone successfully updated a GR-24 with HoTT V4 software? If so, what software did you use please?

  2. Dave King Well-Known Member


    I did last week as I was updating my 3rd set of MX20 and GR24. I am using windows 7 and firmware upgrade gr studio version 2.4 it all went together without any issues or hi-cups. I downloaded the USB driver for it just like Jeff from Quadrocopter showed on the video and it works. I upgraded the transmitter and receiver. Transmitter is V1.26 and the receiver is 3A70
  3. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    OK. Well, I finally did it.

    Here's what I found out:

    1. It helps to reboot Windows 7 once or twice.
    2. The GR-24/33512 is a HoTT Device (well, I kinda knew that), but that is what you have to select.
    3. During the time out "window" that happens after you have selected the .bin file you want to download, you have to (a) press and hold the Bind button on the transmitter while (b) simultaneously plugging in the power to the GR-24.
    4. Do NOT have the .bin file in your Dropbox folder. Don't ask. I don't know. But it was failing with a "Remote file access" message or something similar.
    5. The process can be eased with good red wine. Actually, that's not really true. It doesn't make it any easier, it's just that you won't care as much that it is soooo hard a process.

    Hope this helps some poor unfortunate who thinks, "Oh, I'll just update the firmware on my GR-24, shouldn't take but a few minutes." :)

  4. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Thanks, Dave.
    As you can see above, there were a couple of other issues (e.g. rebooting/Dropbox) that seemed to be muddying the water.

  5. Gary Haynes Administrator

    I followed these two videos. You do need multiple hands, feet, toes and fingers to pull this off sucessfully.

    TX -

    RX -
  6. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Thanks, Gary. I seem to recall that there was a special .vdf (Voice file) that we have to use for MK boards -- not the regular file that comes with the Graupner download.

    Interesting that there are yet MORE videos that are different from the ones that I found.... :)

  7. Dave King Well-Known Member

    Andy, yes there are mk voice files you download from the mk.de website. is a real good video on setting them up.
  8. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    By the way, both of these videos, whilst showing how to press the buttons to get the Rx into bootloader mode and to do the reset after the update, refer to obsolete software that is no longer available.

    As far as I can tell, there is no video or instructions on how to use the Graupner Upgrade Studio 2.8. Sigh.

    @Dave: Did you find a video that specifically deals with Graupner Upgrade Studio? Or any on-line documentation?
    For example, I got the message for the Tx, "Update fail. Use Emergency Mode" -- but then it went ahead and did the upgrade anyway?

  9. Gary Haynes Administrator

    Andy where did you get Ver 2.8 of the upgrade studio? I just downloaded again and got Ver 2.4.

    General steps I follow:
    1. Get the file associated with the device. They lump many together in one zip/bin file. Search by part number not the item name. GR-24 is a 33512.
    2. Click on the Device - Hott Receiver in this case
    3, Connect the Graupner USB adapter to the cable, plug it into the data port on the GR-24.
    4. Click on the Menu and select the correct COM port.
    3. Click File Download and select the correct .bin file
    7. Now the quick part. While the Process Bar (green) starts to run, hold down the Set button on the GR-24 and plug in the power.
    8. Screen should change to Found Target Device. As soon as it changes you can release the Set button.
    9. Follow the Download Process Complete steps.

    Only change to the above is if you have previously done this then the file name will be at the top of the upgrade box and instead of clicking File Download you click on Auto Download.

    The videos are a bit out dated but helped me specifically with the hookup of the receiver since there isn't much else out there. And Dave is correct about going out to the MK site and getting the correct voice files. I think I posted something on that in the past.
  10. Gary Haynes Administrator

    Also a good set of instructions from MK with the latest layout HERE.
  11. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    I downloaded it from the Graupner.de web site.
    The link is http://www.graupner.de/en/products/...657040579906/33512/product.aspx?tab=downloads
    it shows an update date of 20.02.2013 (that's Feb 2, 2013) and it contains (in the English PC folder, a file called Firmware_Upgrade_grStudio_Ver-2.8 . There are no instructions for it.

    Aha....just as I was writing this posting I found that in the PC Software in German folder, there is a PDF: Firmware_Upgrade_Studio_Ver2.8_farbig.pdf -- so there ARE instructions available -- just not in English and hidden in a folder called Graupner_PC_Software_DE! They look like pretty good detailed instructions, too.

    You can also find the file at http://www.graupner.de/mediaroot/files/Firmware_Upgrade_Studio_Ver2.8_farbig.pdf

    I will email Graupner and see if there is an English version -- they may just have forgotten to put into the zip file.

    That seems to be the latest date I found, so I reasoned it was the most recent version. You'll see it as the last download on that page -- it is unmarked so you cannot tell that it is HoTT Software V4. The zip file is 114.14 MB).

    But now you see what a messy state of affairs Graupner has! :)

    The file is called HoTT_Software_V4.zip -- but it sounds like there are multiple versions of the software with the same file name on different pages of the Graupner.de website! Chaos!

    There is no "HoTT Receiver" on version 2.8 -- just HoTT Device.

    By that you mean the Telemetry port, with the signal being T.

    Gotcha. My concern was that nothing matches in terms of version numbers, or instructions. Add to that, installing the USB driver (aka Treiber) demands a reboot (even though it appears to be working and you see a device for the USB Adapter under Device Manager COM & LPT). I suspect the problem was that the driver was not initializing the COM port to the correct baud rate -- and although it appeared that data was flowing it was gibberish, hence nothing worked.

  12. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    The first link on the MK web page is to a file with the name 20120620_HoTT_Graupner_Firmware that only contains firmware files for the Graupner Receivers and the Voice files. The file name suggests that it is the June 20 2012 versions of the firmware.

    The GR-24_RX folder contains a file called 33512_gr_rx12_3a40_bf.bin (the 33512 is actually the MX-20). [EDIT: Sorry. The 33512 is the GR-24. This is the problem Graupner causes by having both a "popular name," GR-24, but then promptly demanding everyone learn the Graupner product codes as well!] The MX-20 folder contains version 1.20 firmware for the MX-20. The current version is 1.26.

    The second link on the MK page is to the main page for Graupner transmitters. If you select the MX-20 and select the download page, then you will see the "HoTT Software V4 (114,14 MB)" -- with a date of 20.02.2013 -- now THAT is the latest version with Graupner Upgrade Studio 2.8, and the version 1.26 firmware for the MX-20.

    Anyone else confused yet?
  13. Dave King Well-Known Member


    Sorry I was out flying yesterday. I feel your pain, I had to go back and forth with Graupner 3 times to get a working MX20.
    It does take a long time to get all this sorted out. I remember spending a full day on it.

    I downloaded a zip file called Hott_software_V4 in this zip file were 2 files
    Graupner PC_software_EN and then there was also a DE version too.
    In the EN folder is the Firmware_upgrade_GR_studioVer-2.4

    For the graupner files
    I downloaded 20120510_hOTT_GRAUPNER_Firmware.zip
    Which has the voice files

    MX20 file
    GR-24-RX file
  14. Dave King Well-Known Member

    Sorry this video also is great reference where he talks aobut the hott software further in detail.
  15. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Hi Dave:
    Apart from needing to reboot the machine after installing the Graupner USB Treiber (Driver), the real issue was that Graupner's and MK's web site are serving up different versions of the Graupner Update Studio. For example, you used 2.4. The version I found is 2.8.

    The concern I had, apart from "version number chaos" is that there is NO documentation for version 2.8 -- well, as you can tell from the above, there is documentation in German tucked into the _DE folder for the PC software -- nice looking documentation too. I've emailed Graupner to ask if there is an English version.

  16. Jason Toth Member

    I must be retarded, how did you switch languages for the Graupner HoTT V4 software? I'm missing something for I can figure it out. Thanks, Jason
  17. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Jason: It appears to be documented on pages 34 and 35 of the manual -- or are you having problems with those procedures not working?

  18. Jason Toth Member

    LOL someone at Grauapner has to clean up things. There files to download are super messy, and hard to find. Still can't find the Mc-20 firmware anywhere.

    Got the GR-24&12's updated by using the version 3 software which is English and version 4 firmware. It worked slightly different than the videos above stated.

    - Start version 3.2
    - Under Device/Hott - hit files download and brows to the version4 folder and find your product via its code
    - Then a progress bar starts, plug in your receiver while holding down the set button (for me I had to keep pressing SET button till update was finished otherwise it said controller not connected).
    - If you need to do another reciever, close the version 3.2 software down and start again - otherwise I got the error device not connected

    No only if I could find the MC-20 firmware to update our radio.

    Anyone know if Graupner went out of business? Their facility in Germany was closed down in Sept.

    Thx, J
  19. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    I don't think Graupner is out of business -- they were acquired.
    There are quite a few interesting search results if you do: Graupner out of business

  20. Jason Toth Member

    hope fully the new company cleans things up so i can find the darn MC-20 firmware. I found the firmware for all the products but the MC-20. Maybe the MX-20 would work but afraid to try :)

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