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Discussion in 'MōVI M10' started by Ben Huddleston, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. I had been looking for the ideal solution of mounting the monitor to the transmitter for dual operator mode, and yesterday at Movi's first training session (thanks Tabb, Denise and all our Freefly mentors!) I found what I've been looking for. It shouldn't be a surprise that it's what all those RC helicopter geeks are using....

    I figure some of you are looking for the elegant, professional solution as well, so here's what I saw in Seattle and promptly ordered. It is made by Secraft, and comes in three individual pieces, sold separately.

    Go to and look up the parts numbers from my order.

    I should note that I was specifically told by Andy Johnson-Laird to buy the Long version of the tray, and Andy has a very sophisticated English accent convincing all who encounter him that he's right, whatever the topic. Great trick, that. Not to mention he bought the first round and then bailed before anyone could reciprocate....

    In spite of this likely sound advice, I bought the Short version of the tray, which is said to accommodate transmitters up to 180mm long, and our Spektrum measures 178mm so I'm taking the gamble. I will follow up if it turns out that size really matters.

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  2. And thank you to Gary Haynes for pointing me in the direction.

  3. Garry Clarke Member

    Hey Ben.
    thats a great post. Thanks heaps to both you and Andy.
    I've only got one question, and thats why does Andy recommend the long tray if the unit we get will fit snuggly into the shorter version you've ordered. There has to be a reason someone as experienced as Andy would opt for the long one. I'd welcome any advise as I'll be ordering as soon as I hear back.

  4. Chris Fox Active Member

    Just a quick question, how are people balancing their secraft transmitter trays with the FPV screen adapter on as well. The centre of balance is a long way off using the stock attachment points on the transmitter tray (7" monitor, MC-20, Yellow Jacket receiver)

    I was going to try rigging a bridle from bottom of the FPV mount knuckles to the transmitter tray attachment points to try and balance it, but it started to look pretty messy.

  5. Gary Haynes Administrator

    Try the long attach arms. Multiple attach points. Also you can offset some of the weight with a lipo battery under the front part of the tray to power things like a Teradek or Paralinx receiver, etc.
  6. Jeff Scholl Distributor

  7. Chris Fox Active Member

    Thanks Gary and Jeff, I thought there must be a neater solution than what I could fudge together.
  8. Brad Meier Moderator

    I opted for the longer tray which fits both my Spektrum DX8s and Futaba 8FG. The mount is adjustable so 180mm would be the shortest and will accommodate lengths of a few more CM
  9. Yeah Brad, I think that would be the reasoning to go larger on the tray. I was just chatting with Andy and I realized that it wasn't him who told me to get the large tray. I can't remember who it was.

    Anyway, it looks like the shorter tray is supposed to work with the dx7s, and I don't anticipate using this tray with any other Tx at this point. I'll let you all know if for some reason it's too short.
  10. Mike Duval Member

    Hey Ben,

    I can confirm that the Short TX tray does work with the DX7s. We got the FPV setup as well and I'd absolutely recommend you get the long TX arms for the dual shoulder strap system.

  11. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Yeah, sorry, Ben. It wasn't me -- I tend to plonk the monitors on a tripod and hang a battery bag on it so that all the camera op has to hold is the transmitter. The downside, of course, is that it's not so mobile. The upside is that it reduces the amount of noise that the camera ops make (usually some kind of whining noise.... <evil grin>).

    As to buying the first round, you're welcome. It's all part of British pub etiquette.
    It's your round next time... :)

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  12. Wow, I had no idea how involved the British pub etiquette was, but I do like beer-buying tit for tat, so give me a bell when you're next in LA....
  13. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Pub etiquette evolved over five or six hundred give it a little time in L.A. :)


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