Position Hold Tuning MK v2.0

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Chris Fox, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Chris Fox Active Member

    G'Day All,

    I'm after a little bit of advice, I have read through the MK documentation, and have been trying to tune the PH, and I'm not getting the results I am expecting.

    My only reference is the PH on the dji phantom I have been learning on, and at the moment, I can't get similar performance on the CS8.

    On the MK wiki it suggests varying the gain between values of 60 and 100, the best performance I have achieved was by reducing the gain to 65, but thought I was on the wrong path, to continue lowering it, is it safe to continue lowering the gain to try and archive the PH performance?

    I originally had the compass value at 64, which caused some pretty erratic toilet bowling, however when I reduced it to zero, the copter would rotate (yaw left or into the wind). Can I set a value in between zero and 64?

    I have also experimented with the GPS PID values, I increased the P to 95, which would bring the copters back a bit faster, however I was only trying to vary the damping to slow down the overshoot effect, should I also have looked at the I value?

    Is there a process, or sequence in tuning individual values to achieve a satisfactory PH performance

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Chris Fox Active Member

    Well, I'm going back to basics, as the threads in the CS6 area about the PH performance make me believe that I what I have been doing should be reasonable in getting some reliable PH performance. So I have just re-calibrated the accelerometers (throttle up and to the right) after levelling the airframe using an inclinometer. Maybe this will help.
  3. Dave King Well-Known Member


    Like yourself I found the PH performance to be subpar compared to the 0.90J or backwards versions. I too experiemented till I was blue in the face and did not find anything I liked so I went back to 0.90J. The only thing I really like about 2.0 is the double stick safety feature. I was really wanting to add it. I know that Steve Maller posted that he reduced his compass affect to 0 and it significantly helped him. I see no reason why you can't try something in the middle and seeing if it works.
  4. Chris Fox Active Member

    Thanks Dave,

    I gave it one more shot on the new firmware, and have reverted to the 90j, as soon as I reverted the problem vanished, and I had nice stable position hold, even though it was blowing 20+ knots.
  5. Dave King Well-Known Member

    I posted these reported problems on the mikrokopter forum. Stay tuned.

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