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  1. Claude Wehrli
    Claude Wehrli
    New user with ALTA6 and MöVI M10.
  2. Hiag Avsharian
    Hiag Avsharian
    Anyone interested in contract work this Summer with a Freefly Alta equipped with an autonomous sensor rig?
  3. Carl F. Coates
    Carl F. Coates
    I just got a MoVi pro. Are there Movi pro tutorials like the Movi 10 tutorials that were so helpful. If so how do you navigate to them?
  4. Andre de Alencar Lyon
    Andre de Alencar Lyon Jack Wrangham
    Hi Jack,
    Is your Alta still for sale? If so, would you be able to discuss over the phone?
  5. Mark Chamberlin
    Mark Chamberlin Tim Marchenko
    Hi Tim,

    I may be interested in buying your Connex Unit. I'm waiting on another deal for $1200 but have not heard back from the seller for a week. If you're interested in selling yours for $1200, I'm ready to buy it today. If not, no problem. I'll be in touch in a few days to see if it is still available.

    I can be reached at or call me at (914) 261 5489. Thank you, Mark
  6. Mark Chamberlin
    Mark Chamberlin Thomas Nakasone
    Hi Thomas. I left a message on the forum Jan. 1. I'd like to buy your Connex Unit if you still want to sell it. You can email me @ or call me on my cell at (914) 261 5489. Thank you, Mark
  7. Brian Legrady
    Brian Legrady Andy Johnson-Laird
    Hi Andy: Support sent me your way. All I'm trying to do is post a question in the forum. It's been awile since I've done it, but support tells me it is diferent from the past and left it at that. I dont see an option on the site to post anything other than a profile post. Do you know what the issue could be? Or guide me through the process?
  8. Brian Legrady
    Brian Legrady
    Let's do this!!
  9. Mike Sutton
    Mike Sutton Philip Lima
    Is your cinestar still available. I can paypal your $1200 tomorrow if your interested.
    1. Philip Lima
      Philip Lima
      I just sent you an email. Thanks!

      Dec 31, 2016
  10. alain baars
  11. Chris Olson
    Chris Olson
    New Freefly Owner
  12. Dave Young
    Dave Young Akpe Ododoru
    Hi Akpe,
    I'm based in Gloucestershire. It's been used to test it worked but that's it. CVP sell the Beta for £489.88 inc VAT. Could sell for £400 inc VAT. If you want to email me it's
  13. Chris Bernard
    Chris Bernard Eric DeHaven
    can u email me a pic of this
    your help is very appreciated
  14. Chris Bernard
    Chris Bernard Eric DeHaven
    Hi Eric. I really need a pic of your ursa mini / M10 set up. I need to see what you mean by " longer rods"
  15. Dave Young
    Dave Young Akpe Ododoru
    I saw you were after a mimic. We're in the UK and have a mimic beta for sale. We also have a whole load of other freefly kit for sale if you're interested?
    1. Akpe Ododoru
      Akpe Ododoru
      Thanks for reaching out
      Where in the UK are u based? Do you have a contact detail or website? How much is it?
      Dec 11, 2016
  16. Gorka Rotaeche
    Gorka Rotaeche Tabb Firchau
    Hi Tabb.
    Akira is not working in my Movi.
    I´ve been in contact with support but they can´t help me.
    I think that is important that all users we have to enjoy the full potencial of your products.

    Gorka Rotaeche
  17. ancelathp
  18. John Woike
    John Woike
    FAA Approved Part 107 Certified Pilot, freelance photojournalist, interested in documentary filming and advertising work
  19. francismake
    fifa 17 is coming on fifa16coins4u.
  20. Saima Sheikh