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  1. Bahadir Arliel
    Bahadir Arliel
    Hello, I was wondering if there are any workshops to apply for better learning about how to operate Alta and Tero? Thanks
  2. Dane Maxwell
    Dane Maxwell
    Here for a good time, not a long time,
  3. Keith Ferreira
    Keith Ferreira
    IG: @Steadishot
  4. Nick Simmons
    Nick Simmons Tiffany Martincic
    shoot me an email!
  5. Yulius Sriloka
    Yulius Sriloka
    Libe Production
  6. Gerardo Duron
    Gerardo Duron
    Is the Canon Mark IV to light of a camera for a Movi Pro?
  7. eStead
    Hi, I just bought an Alta 6 and I am a cinematographer, pilot and dop
  8. Robert Shaw
    Robert Shaw
    sorry for the delay on the response. I never notice your reply.
  9. Robert Shaw
    Robert Shaw
    Yes, thanks for checking up on me. I am working on trying to dial them in as we speak Any suggestions?
  10. Szymon Wramba
    Szymon Wramba
    M15 on custom cart with Movi Controller and GV LDX-C80 camera.
  11. Dean Roczen
    Dean Roczen Justin T. Ostensen

    I think I PM'd ya some time back about a package price for the Alta6. Did you end up selling all or parts of it??

    you can text me at 5309414790 if you like.

    I am a C8 2-axis owner, Ive done very little in a long time and I'm toying with getting back into it or just not :) Your package might be a good way for me to re enter this type of endeavor.


    Dean Roczen
    Barneveld, NY
  12. Klaus Friedrich
    Klaus Friedrich robert stop
    Hi Robert,

    I saw your interest in the ALTA 6 for Filip. Before I issue my threat- did you buy it or do you still have interest. I have an almost new ALTA 6 very few flights and I want to sell it.
    Based in Germany lose to Munich.
  13. Ari Golan
    Ari Golan Chris Fox
    Hi Chris, is your MoVI Pro Bridge Plate shipping yet and if so, do you have any in stock and what is the price? Thanks,
  14. marc rowlston
    marc rowlston
    going underground
  15. Steve Deneault
    Steve Deneault
    "A" camera operator "Riverdale" season 2.
  16. Dean Roczen
    Dean Roczen Justin T. Ostensen
    Do you have a total package price in mind?
    Dean Roczen
  17. vaveragrakanner
    My unit is M5 ,today i try to enable the movi but its not enabled red greens blinking and the nothing i dont see green light in wifi module
  18. vaveragrakanner
  19. Jason Smoker
    Jason Smoker Robert Shaw
    hey Robert did you get the Radian software to work?
  20. Robert Shaw
    Robert Shaw Jason Smoker
    Jason are you still using the radians?
    1. Robert Shaw
      Robert Shaw
      I'm having issues using the software
      Jul 28, 2017
    2. Jason Smoker
      Jason Smoker
      yeah I am still using! whats your problem
      Jul 30, 2017