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  1. Luca Biagiotti
    Luca Biagiotti Peter Lay
    Hi Peter still availablenyour alta? Can u ship to italy?
  2. Rob Weidner
    Rob Weidner
    Making movies down in Africa
  3. Ross Jones
    Ross Jones Mike Percelli
    That's great.
    You can email me an invoice from Paypal to:
    Please make invoice out to:
    Producers Video
    3700 Malden Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21211

    $50 for Freely Wifi Adapter.

  4. Burke Baker
    Burke Baker Andy Johnson-Laird
    Hi Andy. Reaching out to you because I don't know where to start. Have put in two trouble tickets with your support dept. but have not received a response. Looking for help connecting the Movi Controller to the Wedge (and a RedRock Torque motor).
  5. Japinder Singh Sandhu
  6. Ross Jones
    Ross Jones Mike Percelli
    I would be interested in Wifi Adapter for $50 shipped to zip code 21211.
  7. wasapp
    new in this forum
  8. TheSensoryStore
  9. James Davis
    James Davis
    Thinking about some MOVI magic.....
  10. Rudy Gelenter
    Rudy Gelenter
    I have a steadimate 30 I would like to use on the movi pro. Any suggestions on how to without buying extra classic handle?
  11. James Winegar
    James Winegar
    MOVI WEDGE FOR SALE... Purchased a Movi Wedge that I didn't need. Wasn't able to return to B&H. Selling for $2300. Comment if interested
  12. James Layton ACO
    James Layton ACO
    MōVI Strugglist
  13. Janne Hoglund
    Janne Hoglund Ozkan Erden
    Hi Ozkan.

    I have read you are using the swan neck arms for Cinestar 8 or x8?
    I have several C8 frames, now thinking of trying out booms like the swan neck arms or just angeled upwards 5-8°
    Any observations on the swan neck arms compared to straight ones you like to share?

    Best Regards from Sweden.

    Janne Höglund
  14. Dalton Cruz
    Dalton Cruz
    Filming and creating things with anything i can see
  15. Frazer Loveman
    Frazer Loveman
    Looking for an m5
  16. Moment Pictures GmbH
    Moment Pictures GmbH
    MoVI Pro -> Alexa Mini Plate ready for production
  17. Siddharth Sharma SS
    Siddharth Sharma SS Andy Johnson-Laird
    Hi Andy, We are on a shoot in Jaisalmer, India with the Alta 8 + M15. The M15 is not holding pan or horizon as we accelerate the Alta.
    1. Siddharth Sharma SS
      Siddharth Sharma SS
      We are trying to finishing up an action sequence in Jaisalmer, India. Need to do a quick work around.
      Mar 25, 2017
    2. Siddharth Sharma SS
      Siddharth Sharma SS
      We are having an issue with getting GPS lock as the Movi is not seeing more than 5-6 sometimes 7 satellites.
      Mar 25, 2017
    3. Siddharth Sharma SS
      Siddharth Sharma SS
      Could the weak GPS signal result in less hold on the Pan Axis and drift in the horizon??
      Mar 25, 2017
  18. Amr Issawi
    Amr Issawi
    EgyGrip Film Equipment Rental and Services in Egypt
  19. YuliusSriloka
    MoVI M10 and M15 Operator
  20. Alex B. Alexeev
    Alex B. Alexeev
    Cinematographer, Moscow, RedPrime